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Math Skill / Cognitive Development

For 18 months – 3 years

Star Montessori School organizes and facilitates a Math Skill/Cognitive Development program that gives kids the opportunity to participate in games such as sorting, stacking, counting and matching. These activities greatly enhance a toddler’s cognitive development. The comprehensive program nurtures this skill with cause-and-effect activities, guessing games and listening games.

For 3 – 6 years

Advanced skills like sorting, stacking, matching and one-to-one correspondence are encouraged through games and materials. Critical thinking is motivated by asking interesting questions and engaging in analytical conversations. Counting and concept of addition will be introduced. A conceptual method will be used to teach numbers and counting to children from 1 through 100. Analytical thinking, creativity and imaginative expression are encouraged.

For questions and inquiries about this amazing program, please contact us today. You may call 512-609-8844 or send a message to

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